A list of Eclipse plugins that I am currently using (based on the Eclipse 3.7 Indigo release).
Since Eclipse slows down when the number of plugins increases, I usually start with the naked Java package and install some missing plugins (Help –> Install new software) from the Indigo site (another way is to use the JavaEE package and remove the datatools):
  • WTP (Group “Web, XML,…”) [TODO which packages exactly?]
  • Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment (Group “General purpose tools”)
    ...needed by UCDetector (see below)
  • Subversive SVN Team Provider (Group “Collaboration”)
    ...but only if I am forced to use SVN. I prefer this one over Subclipse because it integrates with Mylyn. On the “connector” dialog I usually choose JavaHL 1.6. On big projects, I use only the history/compare function - update/merge/commit is too slow and should better be executed via commandline or TortoiseSVN.
Third-party plugins:
  • Sonar (update site)
  • jBPM process designer [TODO link]