Since the available disk space on my Jenkins box decreased dramatically within the last days, I was looking for a way to find the "biggest" jobs - enter the Disk Usage plugin.

After some hours(!), this plugin provided an overview of how much space is occupied by which job - very nice.
Not so nice (but rather annoying) is that it adds a badge to every build of the build history, which contains the space occupied by this build - that's information overflow, and (also thanks to the Sonar plugin and the Artifactory plugin) the build history looks like a battlefield :(

So, how to remove this plugin? Simple delete it and restart leads to thousands of stacktraces (ClassNotFoundException), since the plugin has added itself to every single build.

Before removing the plugin, execute the following code in the Jenkins script console (available on the "Manage Jenkins" page):
This removes the plugin references from all builds, so now the plugin itself can be deleted without problems.