Started to play around with MyTourbook - a possible Replacement of Sporttracks based on Eclipse-RCP.
Really great stuff! Contains every feature I need… (the GUI looks kind of overloaded, but maybe that’s just me).

The documentation is also very good, especially the part for developers - so lets start with my own repo-clone

To import all my Sporttracks data I had to fix this little Bug.

The only thing missing so far is a comfortable way to import the data from my Forerunner… The COM/USB stuff doesn’t seem to work for this kind of device.

Git Cheat-Sheet

I’m working with autocrlf = false, because otherwise “git status” shows lots of modified files…(?)


mkdir mytourbook
cd mytourbook
git init
git remote add origin
git remote add upstream git://
git pull upstream
git push origin master

Checking out the fork:

git clone
cd mytourbook
git branch work
git checkout work

Commiting to fork:

git commit -a -m 'bla bla'
git checkout master
git merge work
git push origin master
git checkout work

Updating the local repo:

git pull origin master

Merging changes from the original repo:

git pull upstream
## ...or...
git fetch upstream
git merge upstream/master

Create patchfile from branch:

git format-patch