Today I upgraded my Sonar installation (running with Tomcat 6.0.14) from V1.8 to V1.9.2 (because of a FindBugs problem: ).

The steps I had to perform:

  • Edit the conf/ file to use Oracle instead of Derby
  • Edit the war/build.xml file:
    Replace line 42 <war destfile="sonar.war"> with
    <war destfile="sonar.war" webxml="build/sonar-web/WEB-INF/web.xml">
  • Execute war/build-war.bat
  • Stop Tomcat and delete the following files (to get rid of an error similar to ):
    • TOMCAT_HOME/temp/*
    • TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/sonar
    • TOMCAT_HOME/work/*
  • Copy war/sonar.war to TOMCAT_HOME/webapps
  • Start Tomcat and launch the Sonar homepage